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About Guy Shield

Guy Shield is a Melbourne based illustrator with a background in design and an obsession with drawing.
Growing up in Richmond (back when it was dangerous) and being terrible at sport, Guy taught himself to draw in the back of his books. He littered the pages with the depths of his imagination, hoping one day his talents would not only find fame and fortune but also attract tonnes of women. Probably for the better, neither truly prevailed, but what did evolve was an undying love for image-making and a career in publishing and illustration.
Guy works foremost in pen and ink, producing scenes akin to movies without sound or motion. He carefully crafts frames that provoke intrigue and familiarity, through formal compositions and engaging colour palettes.
Put simply, Guy's passion is scenic storytelling

For all commission enquiries

Guy Shield is represented exclusively by the Jacky Winter group
AU +61 3 8060 9745
US +1 646 797 2761
UK +44 20 8144 9874
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Please address all deliveries to Level 1/381 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, VIC, Australia 3065

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